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Bitmapped Graphics

There are 4 ways in which we can store a bitmapped graphics. These are JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG. There are also 5 things we take into consideration when storing a graphic. Lossy compression means that when the file size is reduced, you can lose the quality of the image. Loseless compression is the opposite and means that you can compress the file and not lose the quality as a result. Transparency is when we can see through parts of the image. If we store an image as a GIF file then we don’t lose the quality of the image. This is because it only uses a 256 colour palette whereas a JPEG file uses 16 million colour palette meaning you lose quality as it has more colours to blend together when being compressed. Uncompressed simply means that the image has not been altered.


My Christmas Revision Blog

I revised about 4 hours this holiday. I revised the binary system the most because that was the bit i did not really understand but do now. The bit i get the most is computer memory because its easiest for me to remember ( RAM, ROM and Main memory).

Blog – the processor

The von Neumann architecture has five parts : the processor, input devices , output devices, main memory and the backing storage. Inside the processor are the other register, alu, mdr, mar and the control unit. There are tube like wires that carry the information from the processor to the main memory called buses. There are 3 buses. They are the adress bus, the data bus and the control bus.

Real Numbers

Real numbers have a decimal point. The point is moved to the furthest away number on the left. However many places the point is moved is put as the power of. This is the exponent. The real number is also known as the mantisa.


Humans use binary simply because we have 10 fingers. But computers use it because it is simple and easy to build. To convert binary into decimals e.g. using eight bits you take the numbers 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. If there is a zero at the numbers then u dont use them but if there is a one, you add up all the ones with a one. To convert decimals into binary, you take a number and say does 128 fit into it. If it does then you put a one but if it doesnt then you put a zero.

RIP Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs has died recently so i am dedicating this post to his creation: The ipod. Nearly everyone has them and they come in all different shapes and sizes. There are five branches which all have their own types : classic, mini, nano, shuffle and touch. All are very good but i chose the ipod nano sixth generation. An ipod can store hours of music, pictures, apps and play movies aswell as accessing the internet. Without Steve Jobs, we would not have these popular devices.


Modularity is made up of two different things, parameters and subroutines. A subroutine is a set of instructions designed to perform a frequently used operation within a program. A parameter is a value that is passed into a subroutine. A good example of this is in the game pacman, a subroutine would be move_ghost and a parameter would be (“inky”).